Retain Your Valuable Employees

Know any dysfunctionality within the organization before it is too late. Get invaluable insights, improve employee retention levels, and improve overall satisfaction.

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Build Trust and Drive Employee Engagement


No organization would like to lose their Valuable Assets

The cost of employee turnover is high. Studies suggest that it takes almost six months’ salary on average to hire, onboard, train, and make new employees productive. Over and above, there are lost engagements and customer issues to look after.

Exit Interviews can Reveal a Lot

Some of the employee retention tips:

  • Measure and benchmark attrition ratio
  • Give importance to Employee feedback
  • Conduct Exit Interviews

Doing a proper exit interview before the employee disengages will get you valuable feedback about organization culture, know his/her concerns, mis-matched priorities etc. You can take corrective action to reduce future exits.


Let QaizenX’s Exit Analysis work for you

QaizenX’s Exit analysis is a proven instrument endorsed by industry experts that allows you to understand:

  • The issues with organization culture
  • Insights on manager effectiveness
  • Pay & Compensation satisfaction
  • Organization communication effectiveness

Smart AI text analysis reveals hidden feelings of the employees.

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Employee Experience

Improve Community Experience

Listen to your people and grow your business!

QaizenX feedback platform helps you transform your business by providing a seamless way to take feedback from customers and employees, continuously improving its experience.

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