Make A Smart Hire With Right Personality Traits

Understand how the candidate’s background, knowledge, and traits fit with the job. With QaizenX, take smart decisions from the candidates’ responses and hire the perfect candidate.

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Build Trust and Drive Employee Engagement

The High Cost of a Bad Hire

Misfit employees could turn out to be quite expensive and can have huge repercussions on the company culture:

  • 80% of the employee turnover is due to a bad hire or a job expectation mismatch.
  • 39% of the businesses report a productivity decrease as a result of a bad hire.
  • Bad hires also tend to provide mediocre customer services that directly impact business reputation.

So, a bad hire can adversely affect customer services, reduce productivity, and ultimately hinder your profitability.


Be Alert : Learn About the Candidates First

Assess employee performance to measure effectiveness & identify individual training and development needs. As a deeper measure of employee satisfaction, engagement surveys look at every aspect of an employee’s experience to see what’s motivating them and what keeps them from digging in. The result is actionable insights that lead to a more productive workplace.

Learn About the Candidates:

  • Know their culture
  • Understand their personality traits
  • Remove candidate biasing

QaizenX’s New Hire Candidate Screening

QaizenX’s personality assessment tool is a reliable, validated tool with decades of data behind it. Use this tool for a pre-screening candidate for unbiased selection. With its high reliability, you can assess the candidate’s working style, learning abilities, and cultural values that are significant for the position they are getting hired.


Improve Customer Experience

Improve Employee Experience

Improve Community Experience

Listen to your people and grow your business!

QaizenX feedback platform helps you transform your business by providing a seamless way to take feedback from customers and employees, continuously improving its experience.

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