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We bring you ideal workplace assessment tools backed by research and crafted from the years of experience from expert consultants that transform your organization for the better.

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Workplace Assessment | QaizenX
Workplace Assessment is Necessity | QaizenX

Workplace Assessment is not an option, it is a Necessity

It gives you an intelligent insight into how well your employees are performing or which are the areas that they are finding it difficult to cope up. Based on the assessment data, you will be able to focus more on the things that has been troubling your employees and help them develop in their field of interest.

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Dive into the platform for free. Gather your employee feedback across the lifecycle and get actionable intelligent insights.

  • Collect continuous, transparent employee feedback
  • Measure your engagement index
  • Find out if your employees are happy, frustrated, or burnt-out
  • Discover why your employees choose to stay or leave
  • Make decisions that’ll lead to organisational success
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