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What is 360 Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback confidentially assesses employees, evaluating both functional and non-functional competencies like leadership, team management, communication, and customer focus. It gathers feedback from various sources including colleagues, supervisors, direct reports, and sometimes clients. Unlike traditional appraisals, it fosters teamwork, professional growth, and open communication across different organizational levels.
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What you get

Manager Dashboard

Centralized control and oversight for supervisors.

Competency-wise Report

Detailed breakdowns based on specific skills.

Prebuilt Industry Templates

Ready-made assessment formats.

Extensive Question Bank

Offering a wide array of questions.

Bulk Participant Upload

Effortlessly adding multiple users.

Detailed Analysis Report

Providing in-depth evaluation summaries.


Managed Services

We provide both fully managed and self managed services to cater your demands

Multi-Language Support

Speak your language! The platform supports more than 50 languages

Multi-channel Invites

Maximize employees reach with multichannel support of Email, SMS, and WhatsApp

Customizable Assessments

Has easy to use do-it-yourself survey builder to create intuitive assessments