Keep Your Workplace Wellness Strong and Healthy

Gather feedback on the emotional and physical well-being of your employees, get actionable data, and take corrective actions leading to an increased productivity and positive outcome for your business.

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Workplace Wellness | QaizenX
Workplace Wellness | QaizenX

Why Workplace Wellness is Important for You

On average employee spends approximately fifty hours of their week at work. That is about 1/3rd of their waking life every year. In other words, the workplace is almost like a second home for employees. It makes sense, as a result, that the work environment should be a place where employees can feel comfortable, valued, and taken care of.


Higher Productivity


Better Performance




Benefits Cost Reduction

Is Work Really Causing Stress?

0 %

Of employees worldwide say work contributed significantly to their stress levels

0 %

Of employee worldwide report feeling burnt out or stressed through the day

0 %

Of employee worldwide report they are less productive because of stress

Impact on Health

0 %

Of employees experienced mental health issues due to work or report work as a related factor.

0 %

Employee reported that their behavioral and physical symptoms were due to work stress.

0 %

Reported difficulty in Sleeping

Take Action That Matters The Most

Dive into the platform for free. Gather your employee feedback across lifecycle and get actionable intelligent insights.

  • Collect continuous, transparent employee feedback
  • Measure your engagement index
  • Find out if your employees are happy, frustrated, or burnt-out
  • Discover why your employees choose to stay or leave
  • Make decisions that’ll lead to organisational success
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