How QaizenX Works?

The term Kaizen is derived from two Japanese characters; kai, meaning “change” and zen meaning “continuous improvement”.

As QaizenX explains, continuous improvement can lead to exceptional experiences. Where K changes with Q and X is Exceptional Experience.

QaizenX (Kaizen) aims to eliminate waste in the process by implementing the PDCA cycle – the system for executing Kaizen. The PDCA acronym stands for Plan – Do – Check – Act.

QaizenX is a comprehensive experience management platform that lets you create, launch and analyse a feedback survey. But the important part is to take action on the received data. With QaizenX, you can create an action plan to improve the experience for your customers, employees, communities, etc.

You can create a survey with predefined templates or you can even make your set of survey questions. Choose the style that’s right for your industry to make your feedback more relevant. With QaizenX, you can collect feedback via email, WhatsApp, SMS, QR Code and analyse the response.

Kaizen Methodology - Level Up Your Experience In Simple Steps

Strategize feedback

Questions to ask, time of feedback, or at specific customer or employee journey touch-point.

Create Action Plans

Create Action Plans on the issues you found from the data insights, Take corrective actions and look for the new opportunities.

Launch Feedback

Start collecting feedback from customers or employees at specific touchpoints via different channels.

Analyze the gathered data

Check areas of improvement and learn what can be done to fix current issues. Drive a better experience

Strategize feedback

Plan the best feedback strategy to maximize results. Consider factors like type of survey question, mode of data collection and time of feedback while designing the feedback strategy.

Launch Feedback

Gather feedback from your targeted audience at every touchpoint via different channels.

Analyze the gathered data

Listen carefully to your target audience. You can gain valuable insights from collected data which can help you make strategic decisions for your business.

Create Action Plans

Act on the negative feedback by creating an action plan and dedicate to relevant department. Convert negative feedback into positive.

A platform that makes Experience Exceptional

Take a look at this video to get a brief overview of QaizenX.

With a leading Experience Management Platform, create an extraordinary experience for your people.

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Improve Customer Experience

Improve Employee Experience

Improve Community Experience

Listen to your people and grow your business!

QaizenX helps you transform your business by providing seamless feedback platform, by which you can take feedback from customers or employees and improve their experience continuously.

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