Engaged Community, Healthy Society

Strive for Better Governance by measuring community experience. Understand your community by getting their opinion on various topics.

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Community | QaizenX

Connect, Communicate and Build Trust

Get connected with your citizens, communities, public. Do what matters and Improve governance.

CoSAT, Happiness Index (HI)

Take Community Satisfaction and Happiness Index feedback to measure community happiness. Listen to their voices and take corrective action on issues.

Improve Governance using Community feedbacks

Engage Community

Ask your community about expectations, what sort of improvements would be beneficial, make sure what is working for them.

Gather Feedback

Deploy multiple channels like SMS, Social media to reach out to community to gather feedbacks and analyze them.

Data driven actions

Act smartly, improve governance, people service, public utilities. Strive for Smart Governance


Get deeper understanding of communities feedback by demographics, age, income, area, etc.

Customizable for Every Industry

Small & Medium Business

Tweak your product roadmap, know customer challenges, improve stickiness.

Travel & Tourism

The customers want their journey to be pleasant, unforgettable and relaxed.


It is important for the educational institutions to prosper on several levels to


Communities looking for better governance! Why not take community feedback to make services better.

Hotels & Restaurants

Don’t go wrong on providing exceptional services! Take feedback on food or service

Events & Exhibitions

If you want to know how well did the event organized by you did then


Take the patient experience real-time feedback to improve your healthcare services


To become a successful retail business, you do not have to just sell products


Be a successful Franchiser. Connect & Grow your franchisee network.

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Employee Experience

Improve Community Experience

Listen to your people and grow your business!

QaizenX feedback platform helps you transform your business by providing a seamless way to take feedback from customers and employees, continuously improving its experience.

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