Customer Feedback and Insights that gives an Edge

Understand what your customers are thinking about your business. With our simple and efficient NPS tool. Increase your customer retention and loyalty.

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Understand Your Customer Better

A deeper measure of customer experience feedback looks at every aspect of customer life-cycle and journey touchpoints. Ultimately, which results in actionable insights leading to better customer retention and overall growth of the business

NPS® - Net Promotor Score

Foster your promotors, engage with your passives and fascinate your detractors.

  • Earn High response Rate
  • Act on feedback quickly and decisively
  • Get qualitative and meaningful feedback
  • Discover new idea for your product

  • NPS® - Net Promotor Score
  • CSAT - Customer Satisfaction

    Ask follow up questions and get real-time actionable feedback report.

    • Helps you improve brand loyalty
    • More honest feedback
    • Better indicator for long-term happiness
    • Gets repeat business

  • CSAT - Customer Satisfaction
    • Connect with Your Customer Effectively

      Gather customer satisfaction feedback via SMS, email, QR code and Web link. View and analyze survey responses in real time.

      SMS and Email Invitation

      Send the feedback invitation directly as a customized email or SMS to your audience.

      Web Embed or QR Code

      Embed NPS or CSAT feedback link to your website and get response directly from your visitors.


      Improve your business from Customer feedback

      Communicate with your customers and build your brand. With QaizenX's feature-rich customer feedback software, you can communicate with your customers across multiple channels like social media, weblinks, email surveys, and more! You can select the right channels from wherever your audience is.

      Create Effortlessly

      Use pre-built surveys template to measure NPS and CSAT.

      Integrate Data

      Launch feedback and gather actionable data.

      Take Action

      Respond and close the loop, make customer feel important.

      Analyze Report

      Find strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats.

      Improve Customer Experience

      Improve Employee Experience

      Improve Community Experience

      Listen to your people and grow your business!

      QaizenX feedback platform helps you transform your business by providing a seamless way to take feedback from customers and employees, continuously improving its experience.

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