Build Trust and Drive Better Employee Engagement

Measure and manage your employees’ perspectives on the crucial elements of your workplace culture. And with the right approach, you can improve your employees’ connection to their work and your company yielding you a better topline results.

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Why Employee Engagement is Important?

Employee Connection at workplace | QaizenX

Your workforce and organization’s success is determined by your employee’s daily decisions and actions. The way your company treats employees and how employees treat you back can positively affect their actions — or can place your organization at risk.

An organization that supports and encourages employee engagement is going to do better overall.


Greater Revenue Growth


Higher Productivity


Lower Employee Turnover


Less Absence Day

Engaged Employees Gives You

0 %

Reduced Absenteeism in the Workplace

0 %

Higher productivity in daily tasks

0 %

Better customer relationship loyalty/engagement

0 %

Increased business profitability

0 %

Less quality defects in products or services

0 %

Fewer safety incidents in workplace

QaizenX Employee Engagements Index

Simple and Robust

Understand your team. Make Better Decisions. With a simple navigation dashboard and many prebuild engagement templates launching surveys becomes hassle-free.

Data-Driven Actions

Empower your business intelligence with fastest and most reliable real-time insights. Make data driven decisions improve wellbeing of the employees.

Intelligent Insights

Understand patterns from your data and identify the problems your employees are facing. And with AI sentiment analysis learn from 1000's of open text responses.

Enterprise Class Solution

QaizenX's advanced and flexible features delivers unique experience. Tool provides custom survey, survey logic, white-labelled. branding and much more.

Engagement at Organization | QaizenX

Build Your Ideal Company Culture With QaizenX.

  • Measure Engagement Index
  • Find out engagement draggers
  • Take a corrective action
  • Track improvements

Take Action That Matters The Most

Dive into the platform for free. Gather your employee feedback across lifecycle and get actionable intelligent insights.

  • Collect continuous, transparent employee feedback
  • Measure your engagement index
  • Find out if your employees are happy, frustrated, or burnt-out
  • Discover why your employees choose to stay or leave
  • Make decisions that’ll lead to organisational success
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