The Role of Chatbots and Conversational Interfaces in Customer Experience

Technology is fast-paced and full of convenience. Customers interact with computerized service center operators verbally or in typing to solve any issue they encounter. Fortunately, it is 24*7 customer support. Chatbots are no, longer limited to FAQs or solving basic issues, they have outgrown in many ways and are a must for the consistent growth of your business. Conversational AI has changed how customers believe their grievances will be attended to. It has given an entirely new perspective to customer experience. 

What is a chatbot? 

It is basically that tiny dialog box that pops up every time we open a new website/page on the digital screen. This little box enthusiastically welcomes us, acknowledges our presence, and lends a helping hand. 

In this case, the screen prompts questions like how it would help us. Why exactly are we there on that page or what are we looking for? So that we are directly directed to our goal instead of impatiently scrolling the screen to come across our motive..

It is that helpful friend who is always there to help us and take feedback after its assistance. Thereby increasing the efficiency of the business with amazing customer service.

Technically, a chatbot is a program that commences human conversation, either via voice: over smart speakers or text communication with us. We must indulge ourselves in these Millennial kind lifestyles.

You may have used Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri & Google Assistant. Usually, the ones we use in smart home devices and our phones/gadgets. All of us massively accept it for its millennial-friendly and natural kind conversational feature. 

Advantages of chatbots in customer experience

Chatbots are an essential part of customer experience. Here’s a list of a few ways in which conversational AI is beneficial for the growth of your business.

Handles our petty chores:

We mainly use these chatbots for changing passwords, requesting bank account balances, scheduling appointments, buying tickets, booking hotel rooms, making money transfers, etc. Therefore, we can complete all these routine tasks without interacting with customer care agents and waiting for their response.

Personal assistant: 

These act as our personal assistants making us feel like having a lavish lifestyle since tasks like ordering groceries, booking a vacation, fixing meetings in the schedule, asking to switch on/off lights, air conditioning, washing machines, altering the volume of the speakers, etc. Some of the finest examples of chatbots are Apps like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, or products like Amazon Echo with Alexa or Google Home. These are extensively used by us in our mobile apps, messaging apps, websites, and email.

Multitaskers life-saver: 

Voice recognition has shown better security and this hands-free ability is a blessing for us who believe in multitasking. The hyper-personalization of our gadgets and apps enables this. This scalable solution also resulted in a 40–45% decrease in our operational support expenses, both financially and in terms of time spent.

A quick step towards building brand presence:

Through chatbots, our brands are building their presence on consumer messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and even Alexa in a much easier way. We are majorly using chatbots and conversational interfaces in every sector like hotels, online retailers, educational institutes, fitness centers, bakeries, stationery stores, beauty salons, and so many more.

Building business: 

We use auditors’ natural language interaction to address the issues of information opaqueness. Our sales associate’s sales process is made faster, wiser, and more proactive. Due to the system’s proactive suggestions and accessibility to all important pieces of information.

Reduction in expenses: 

The use of AI chatbots has shown immense advantages to our small-scale businesses/ startups. Automated customer interactions over social media channels or messaging apps have helped startups and our emerging companies handle business better with lesser staff occupancy in an efficient manner and controlled expenditure. 

Personalized customer service:

With budding technology, modern chatbots engage customers in a natural conversational manner. This virtual assistance and conversational interfaces help us provide humane kind customer care anytime and anywhere in a more satisfying and efficient method. 

24*7 support system: 

Thereby reducing the irritating waiting time over the calls. Customers can easily check their online shopping or refund status without waiting on the phone. Chatbots and conversational interfaces have improved customer experience compared to traditional support systems.

Easily onboarding customers: 

The social media messaging platforms shows some suggestions of message that is most frequently asked. It is so much easier for us to choose the options with just a click. The misunderstanding of written messages/ texts is also avoided now because of the suggested responses. Chatbots come up with questions based on the responses made thus taking our conversation in a specific direction for a quick result. 


AI-powered virtual agents, also commonly known as conversational chatbots, recognize misspellings or mispronunciations and carry forward in a humane way to solve our issues, providing us with the desired outcomes. These are improving with time with the constant advancement in the technology sector. With the use of more natural language processing and in different dialects these conversational chatbots are a blessing to every new and old customer. Due to this, companies and businesses are grasping the great extent of customer acquisition and retention rates. 

Highly influential: 

Social media and chatbots are very influential in helping MSME businesses communicate or strike a deal with customers.We increase business revenue and brand loyalty by offering qualitative chatbots to provide a digital user experience to our customers as well as other stakeholders like employees, partners, suppliers, etc. When we make recommendations to potential customers before they need it and without requiring them to search for it, the chances of a rise in sales increase.

Enriching the experience: 

These conversational chatbots use machine learning techniques to comprehend, interpret, and forecast customer inputs in order to provide appropriate responses. Thereby, making it possible for businesses to offer hyper-relevant individualized involvement rather than computerized machine-like assistance. 

Automate routine tasks: 

It is the history data that AI catches and gives customer services accordingly. The AI optimizes the user’s phone/laptop history of messaging apps, searches, emails, subscriptions of pages, etc., and then forms patterns customized to each user, and chatbots provide the ideal customer support.  

Bringing that special ease when shown preferred genre: 

AI catches the user’s preferences and shows recommendations accordingly. For instance, the user is frequently to which genre is noticed and results show accordingly. This is why we are comfortable with our own gadgets because AI makes them feel special for their customization ability. Hence these chatbots respond according to each user at every level, respectively. Hence giving a more meaningful user experience to all of us. 

  • Customized experience makes the customers happy: 

Some major brands and companies have a system that updates the customer’s profile constantly. So when we give a call to customer care the account number, and order number, these details are already in context without making us explain everything from basics. This is feasible due to customer management systems. 

A communication bridge for Brands and companies and their customers: 

After-sales services, customer service, and social media platforms are adopting chatbots at skyrocketing speed. Make your brand/company that space where the customers experience frustration-free services. People have shared experiences about how these chatbots and conversational interfaces became a blessing to customer service in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

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