Key factors affecting your Customer Satisfaction

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There is no business without customers, they are lifeblood of the organization. A business’s success is greatly influenced by its happy customers which leads to customer satisfaction. 

Research from Gartner reveals that about 74% of people are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. As seen here, Customer Satisfaction is becoming increasingly important in 2021. As a result, focusing on the customer becomes crucial for your business, since it increases the bottom line and creates brand ambassadors for your brand.

A customer’s requirement is simple – they just want what you are promising. For example, in a saloon, customers want only a good haircut. If you give them a good haircut, they will be happy. Straightforward. They will also tell their friends and family about it.

Customer satisfaction is a behaviour trait, and different customers have different needs. There are a lot of factors that affect people’s satisfaction. Also, know what does good customer experience means to your company.

Here, we’ll look at the key factors which impact customer satisfaction.

Value for Money

Money is a major factor in any business. If you can provide an effective product at a reasonable cost, the satisfaction of the customers will be higher. It will draw the attention of a lot of customers and it will also keep them coming again and again.

Quality of Product

When measuring quality, we can check the product’s features, its durability, its compliance with standards and its reliability. There are different quality criteria for different types of products. Therefore, It is important to place a high priority on the quality of a product.

Quick Response

It is important to respond within a reasonable timeframe. The response time for all inquiries or requests should be as quick as possible for a better customer experience.

Delivery Time

Even if your product is the best on the market, if you don’t deliver it on time, your customer will have a terrible experience. So, you have to make sure your delivery is made on time for the customer’s convenience.

Ease of Use

The ease of using the product makes it more effective and efficient for the customer. Customers don’t want to invest a lot of time into understanding how the product works. Hence, your product should be incredibly simple and easy to use. 

User Interface

Positive user experience is one of the most important things that must be considered for customer satisfaction. In consequence, the more easily and quickly users can use an application, the more satisfied users will be. Thus, making your product user-friendly is very important.

Ease of Reaching out/Availability

Customers will be happy if you are available in their time of need. 24/7 availability or support can make a customer feel more relaxed that whenever it gets stuck, you are there to land a helping hand at all times.


A good professional is responsible, reliable, competent, communicative, organized, and accountable. Professional behaviour can leave customers feeling satisfied and encourage customers to remain loyal to your brand.

After-Sales Service

The after-sale service is extremely important, as you need to make sure your customers are well fed and taken care of after the purchase. Furthermore, they will be motivated to buy from you again after the initial purchase.


As we have discussed, there are a number of factors that affect customer satisfaction. As such, ensure that you keep these factors in mind while serving your customers. 

So it is utmost important to understand what customers feel about your Product & Services, what attributes to improve upon.

Start ‘LISTENING’ to the customer, Opt for Customer Feedback Survey.

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