How to Take Action on Your Customer Feedback Insights

Customer feedback insights

“When you listen, you learn and when you learn, you earn.”

This expression by Harvey Mackay relates to every business condition and can’t be truer, especially when businesses are in the midst of chaos about customers’ experience. Evaluating customer feedback insights and making decisions based on that will provide the best version of your product/service.

The procedure of converting feedback into action gives you an opportunity to communicate with your customer about how important they are. Their pain points are how their feedback can either reign or ruin your corporation.

What Is Customer feedback Insights?

Don’t you want to inquire about where you’re getting right or wrong as a business, in the eye of your customers? Well, gathering customer feedback Insights is an opportunity for your organization to communicate with customers. It is equally important to learn from their experiences and make informed decisions for long-term growth & expansions.

You have to overview your goals, assess the market condition in your field, launch your product, and then conduct & handle feedback surveys. The analysis gained from feedback will help you consider whether or not your product is making igneous noise in the market. Then create an action plan and act accordingly.

How can you gain insights from customers?

Insights are more about the conclusions that you can use to make decisions, moreover, you can gain conclusions from a variety of sources, including:

1. Customer feedback surveys

There are a ton of questions you could ask customers and you’ve to choose between the ones that will help you target specific issues.

  • Questions that meet your goals.
  • Start by giving them thoughtful open-ended questions.
  • Create consistent rating scales.

This will ensure that every question asked serves a clear purpose and make sure that actions will be performed on the gained actionable insights.

2. Email and customer contact forms

The best way to gain a response from a customer is to simply ask for one, which one of the ways includes email. To increase the possibility of hearing back from a customer, specify clear expectations, assemble email feedback, and deliver personalized responses.

You can send one-to-one requests to gather more personal feedback as compared to surveys.

3. Exploratory customer interviews

If you really want to empathize with your customers, communicate with them. No matter how much quantitative data you gather to comprehend. Direct communication is equally important as it can bring additional color and refinement to customers’ experience.

It will help you in understanding why a customer behaved in a certain way to make decisions in response to your brand. Start with open-ended questions to dig more into customers’ experiences and be as specific as you can be, to involve in the broader impression & detailing.

4. Social media

Social media gives you access to collect feedback from customers through various methods. Direct comments, mention on social networks, built-in polling tools, live interactions, and initiating conversations. Finally mentions on social networks are the way for your business to collect customer feedback and acknowledge their experience.

5. Third-Party Data

It’s ok if sometimes you find it difficult to gather customers’ feedback. You can derive insights from market research performed by larger organizations with similar services. Understand the pain points and difficulties faced by the audience. This will help you in developing marketing campaigns & new offerings, which in turn can serve your customer with enhanced empathy and understanding skills.

Actions to be taken on customers feedback insights

Once you’ve gathered the customer feedback insights, the next step you need to look after is to analyze the data and take actual steps to make things better.

1. Identify product improvement areas

Customer feedback insights are a great source to gather and then develop better knowledge about how your products are doing in the market. This will help you analyze pain points and opportunities for improvement in the new or existing products.

The feedback will help you highlight the areas of your services that need improvement. It will help you prioritize the issues that need more improvisation than the others so that you can work strategically once you start working on the customers’ feedback. It will set an impression in customers’ minds showing your willingness to listen and implement customers’ ideas.

2. Optimize your conversion path

There are multiple sources that can act as a conversion path & the tricky thing here is you’re not sure about how the user will first interact with you. Finally, it could be a blog, social media post, or search engine results page. Make sure that any page that visitors land on is not a dead end.

No matter what page a visitor lands on, let it help them in collecting the information they need with minimal clicks & confusion. By identifying the highest converting sources, you can make more effort to generate traffic, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions.

3. Personalization is the key

One of the key elements that differentiate you from your competitors is personalization. It equally needs to ensure that the experience your brand is providing is relatable and empathetic. Customizing the customer experience based on what you know about the customer’s needs or expectations.

How they see and behave with your brand, will make the customer’s journey easier. Flourish the bond between your brand and customer. By responding promptly to your customers, you gain an opportunity to improve the customer retention rate in addition to your brand’s reputation.

4. Enhance your customer service strategy

When you get to know how a customer has behaved in response to your brand, you are more likely to anticipate customer expectations. Analyze customer feedback insights by tracking their site activities, such as the links they click, videos they watch, or blogs they read.

Measure the impact formed by implementing feedback suggested by customers. Moreover, this will help you generalize the area of improvisation. Prioritizing them according to the concerns like the impact on customers or the value it can add to customer services & satisfaction rate. This combination of qualitative insights along with analytics gained from surveys will help you in making remarkable changes.

5. Offering Omnichannel Support

Having a presence in addition to a customer experience strategy in any channel. Where customers are active is what omnichannel support is all about. All of these ensure that the customer has a flawless experience no matter the channel they prefer.

  • In-person interactions
  • Exact Social media platform the customer uses
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Live chat support

Customers might contact you through various social media formats and leave your brand with feedback. This will not just help you improvise your services indeed it will act as a learning opportunity for your brand. To respond promptly to any such issue, you need to specify an individual or team to look after such matters.

What’s more important is to make your support process as transparent and easy as possible. You will boost customer satisfaction by showing commitment to their retention, increasing trust & loyalty.

6. Prevent customer churn

You might get stuck with the thought of sweeping the negative feedback under the rug. Which in turn gives an indication of how you’re not able to meet customer expectations & goals from your brand. When customers are unhappy, they’ll stop trusting your brand and will leave you. If you want to keep a long-term relationship with your customers at such a stage, you need to address customer churn and to achieve this we need customer feedback insights.

customer feedback Insights ensure unhappy customers that you understand their pain points and checking on them frequently will further make them feel ‘cared for’. Engage and educate the customers about the functional benefit that your services can provide. Keep the two-way conversation open to regain or build trust gradually.


Establishing a good product and delivering it well is like half the job is done. Working on your feedback and altering it into actionable insights can help you I generating revenue growth. Customer loyalty for your business success boosts a friendly attitude instead of being overly joyed or overly worried about the customer feedback Insights.

This customer feedback insights will impel you one step closer to your goal. Be it negative or positive, feedback is a display of your interest in the products and is essential to improve customer service. A good Customer feedback platform like QaizenX can help you take prompt actions and help your clientele to grow.

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