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Do you give special attention to Employee’s well-being? Are your employees feel always motivated at the workplace?

Employees are the greatest asset an organization has and keeping a check on their physical and mental health is always beneficial for the organization. We have discussed the importance of mental health in the workplace in the previous blog.

They say, “How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or for worse.”

So, when you invest in your employees’ wellness, it is not only the right thing to do but it provides long-term benefits for the business. The more healthy & happy an employee will be, the more engagement & productivity an organization will witness.

Though it is a matter of concern for small organizations because of the financial barriers. But large and mid-sized organizations must have this important facet of corporate culture, which is called an employee wellness program. See what is workplace wellness and its impact on business success.

Let’s discuss this critical topic in detail and understand what can be done for employee wellness.

Employee wellness program – extra perks for employees!

It is an initiative taken by the employer for not only the well-being of employees but for the betterment of the organization as well. The wellness programs focus on the physical, mental, and emotional health of the employees. An organization runs the different programs under its capacity and business needs. The idea behind these wellness programs is to improve employee engagement.

There are distinct types of employee wellness programs, such as,

  • Programs for health awareness
  • Educational programs
  • Community-focused programs
  • Personal financial management or financial management workshops/ programs

Implementing an employee wellness program

When an organization creates an employee wellness program, they contemplate their business needs and goals and then only a good program comes into existence. We have curated here a few ways to create and implement an effective employee wellness program.

Evaluate the employees’ needs

Being an employer, you must collect the information about employees’ health, their financial management, what training they require, etc. These pieces of information help you to design an efficacious wellness program, which will be beneficial for the organization. You can conduct simple surveys in the office premise or maybe a casual questionnaire can help. Moreover, this simple way will give you needy and deserved candidates for the employee wellness programs.

Brainstorm on business goals

The wellness programs ought to fulfill your business goals eventually and they must be tailored for employees’ benefits as well. So, the wellness programs should give you a win-win feeling. Brainstorming before diving into the wellness program pool is a must!  

Set the budget for these programs

Once you are done with brainstorming and setting the goals etc., another crucial thing is budget. You need to decide how much you will spend on the employee wellness program because then only you’ll be able to use the resources or hire the services for employees.

Create more than one type of program

One design won’t suit everyone; thus, based on employees’ surveys or questionnaires, create more than one employee wellness program. Examples: health programs, nutritional awareness programs, financial workshops, mental health programs, and so on. And then check with employees who are interested in which workshop. If they will join a relevant program, it will be yielding to the employee and the organization both.

The employee wellness policy will be icing on the cake

Likewise, you have policies for every process, employee wellness program also needs a set policy. It shows your commitment to your employees’ health and well-being. The policy should have all the guidelines and program details.

Feedback can be a help

The employees who have participated in some or other wellness programs, take their feedback. The feedback will help you to improve the process and add or eliminate the required or unrequired employee wellness programs.

Conduct the programs in the office

This will increase participation. If you have ample space in the office, then conduct the employee wellness programs in the office premise. Because there may be people who don’t wish to go to some other place but in-house activity will attract and hold them.

Create a dedicated team 

There must be a dedicated team to work towards an employee wellness program. They will create the surveys, collect the data, and accordingly help management to decide what programs are suitable for employees. The team will make sure that the employee wellness programs will run in a loop.

Benefits of employee wellness programs

Carefully curated and implemented employee wellness programs provide manifold advantages to the organization.

  • The employee wellness programs help employees to release stress and reduce burnout. It helps them to adopt new healthy habits, which are not only beneficial for employees but for their families as well. A good program assists in maintaining a work-life balance and leads to more productive employees.

  • Healthier employees can give their best at the workplace. Be it physical, mental, or emotional health, sound health is the key to enhanced productivity. The wellness programs also generate a sense of being taken care of by the employer, which establishes a strong connection or bond between employee and employer.

  • Employee wellness programs certainly increase the engagement and commitment of employees. The programs rejuvenate and fill them with positivity, hence they give their 100% to the organization.

  • The motivated employees stay with the organization for a longer period and act as an asset and not a liability. They also help other employees to improve their work quality.

  • Employee wellness programs also reduce the health risks in employees. Nowadays, when different health complications are arising even in younger people, these wellness programs vanish the risks of any sudden emergency.

So, what are you waiting for?

Your employees are your biggest asset and don’t let them feel unvalued. If you will give importance to them, they will help your business soar higher.

Every employee needs some or other wellness program enrollment at the given point in time. Thus, invest in an employee wellness program to get the maximum ROI. Once your program is ready, spread the word to get maximum participation. Emails, newsletters, brochures, flyers, internal meetings, the official website, etc. are the mediums that can help you to announce or launch the program and get the maximum participation from the employees.

Running a business with unhealthy and unhappy employees is like trying to drive a car with a defective engine. It may eventually get you where you want to go, but the trip will be difficult and you’ll waste time and resources.”

The lines say it all. So, don’t waste time now and start investing in the right direction!

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