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What we do

We help companies grow employee engagement and develop leadership skills through implementing employee experience feedback. For understanding employees: employee pulse, EX feedback, workplace assessment, employee engagement. For leadership development of managers: 360-degree employee feedback. Learn more.

QaizenX EX

Identify the issues in your employee engagement
Build an efficient and motivated teams smartly
Instantly solve any attrition resolving negative feedback
Access all insights to make data-driven decisions
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Why Choose Us?


We are pioneers with more than 10 years of having successfully improved EX of many top level organizations.

Ensure Success

Our comprehensive and accurate feedback platform helps HR teams and decision makers understand about work culture.

Excellent support

We are here to assist you whenever you need advice or to resolve an issue. Our expert team will take care of your concerns quickly.


Show your employees that you care about them, with a fully white labeled and customized survey.