Strategy to Create a Great Customer Experience

Strategy to Create a Great Customer Experience | QaizenX


Customer experience – a buzzword of business in 2022, is booming in popularity. Everyone is now aware of how important a customer experience is in retaining customers and scaling the business.

So basically, if you want to be successful in your business, you need to provide an excellent customer experience

You first need to understand your customer’s needs, what they like and what they don’t like. And fulfil customers’ expectations. Additionally, if a customer has a concern, you must get it resolved as soon as possible.

An effective customer experience will help you increase customers lifetime value, boost customer satisfaction, and increase business revenue. So, the only thing going down will be your churn rate. Avoid these factors and achieve customer satisfaction. 

Let’s learn Customer Experience first.

Customer Experience (CX)

CX – or Customer Experience – is how your customers feel about their overall experience with your company. Great customer experience involves the whole customer journey and how they felt throughout their journey with the brand. An individual’s opinion of a customer is based on their overall experience with the brand. Brands that have great customers have higher customer retention and more lifetime value of the customer.

“Customers will always have an experience – good or bad – and it will influence their purchasing behaviour significantly.” – Phil Klaus, CX and strategy expert

To make an effective customer experience strategy, you have to identify what your customers think about your brand. The best way to understand customers is by taking customer feedback at each interaction.

Why you should use Customer Feedback as a part of the CX strategy

If you don’t ask your users for feedback, you will not know whether they will take the service for a second time or recommend it to a friend, colleague, or family member. Moreover, a key aspect of getting a brand’s loyalty is feedback from its customers. You need to find out what their opinions are regarding your brand in order to improve brand value.

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Key Benefits of Great Customer Experience

  • Builds a foundation of loyalty.

When your customers receive a superior experience, they will continue to stay with your business. However, more than 96% of customers say customer service makes a difference in their loyalty to a brand. Check how you can increase customer loyalty for your business.

  • Improves customer retention

Maintaining your customer means generating more revenue for your company. Customer-centric brands earn 5.7 times more revenue than brands that suffer from poor customer experience.

  • Enhance Brand Reputation

Standing up for your brand will enable you to gain customer recognition, word of mouth marketing, faith and credibility. According to 89% of B2B marketers, brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation.

Effects of a Poor Customer Experience

The quality of your customer service can have a huge impact on the overall health of your business. Sales can be negatively impacted in the short run, and it can impact your business adversely in the long run.

It is very dangerous for your enterprise if you have a poor customer experience. The following are some examples of how bad customer service can harm your business.

  • Reputation Damage

When you have an online business, a bad customer experience can seriously damage your reputation. Customer complaints are often raised online, whether it is by way of a complaint, a tweet, or a negative review.

  • Non-converting leads 

Imagine you are a customer enquiring about service and never hearing back. Would you be annoyed? Are you likely to return to that business in the future?

Probably not. If you wouldn’t do it, then why would your customers?

  • Loss of Your Best Employees

You may encounter a situation where some of your employees fail to fulfil their responsibilities, forcing other employees to take over.

This can lead to anger and resentment from employees who are left with jobs and responsibilities they weren’t supposed to handle. Therefore, they may become fed up and decide to leave their jobs

Create a Great Customer Experience:

How to create great customer experience | QaizenX


1. Develop customer-centric vision and CX culture

Creating a vision for how the business provides services to its customers is the first step in pursuing organizational change. By developing ideas and prioritizing initiatives, you can create your future-state CX vision. Additionally, customer-focus organizations have as their primary objective not just making money, but also giving the customer the best experience possible.

This vision should be understood by everyone within the organization and their role in contributing directly to its implementation. For the organization to serve its customers effectively, they need a clearly defined and widely accepted vision.

2. Understand customer’s point of view

In order to be profitable, businesses need to develop products and services that their customers will appreciate. It is extremely challenging to gain insights into what customers are thinking. However, you can create a great customer experience by using information collected through the appropriate processes and analyzing key information. Customers’ purchasing histories and profiles are usually all those businesspeople refer to to get a clear insight into their mentality, and this rarely yields any success.

For businesses to increase conversion rate, they need to understand who their customers are and what drives them. In order to achieve improved business results, companies must make an effort to better understand their clients. In doing so, they are actually stepping up to make their company and brand stronger.

To succeed in business, enterprises must not consider past practices when innovating new strategies but instead look at current customer data when coming up with ideas that will benefit their customers. Furthermore, businesses will be enabled to build relationships with their customers better using the influx of new information, letting go of generic assumptions, and improving operations to meet their business objectives and offer great customer experiences.

3. Communicate omnichannel to build relationships

In order to build customer relationships, communication is essential. It is equally important to promote your business and listen to your customers.

Delighting your customers is simple! Give them more than they expect. To do so, you have to go above and beyond your commitments. You might consider surprising the client with a birthday gift. Trust is as crucial to your business as either the products or services you offer. You should be honest, open, and sincere with your clients. In case you cannot deliver what you promise, let someone know as soon as possible. To achieve long-term customer success, we need to build trust and transparency.

One-to-one connection is an integral part of customer relationships. In order to build a strong relationship with customers, there need to be common interests, an understanding, and constant contact.

4. Create real-time customer feedback loops and take actions

Real-time customer feedback is a technique enabling businesses to ask questions immediately after an interaction with a customer. The customer can provide live feedback on your website or mobile app in real-time. Hence, this type of qualitative data collection allows you to see how your site or mobile app is performing. Online store or website visitors who received immediate support before, during, or after their visit have a higher conversion rate of about 28.4%.

In real-time, you can view the expectations and needs of your visitors and check for any potential problems such as bugs or missing information. Consumers feel engaged and important when you listen to their feedback. They feel valued and treated as a part of the creative team whenever you ask for their feedback on a particular product or experience. Getting feedback from your customers makes them feel valuable. This is how great customer experiences will influence customers to spend more money with your company, which means more revenue for you. The research found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

This is the key to building loyal customers.

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