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Employee pulse surveys have become perhaps the most preferred method to quantify employee engagement levels in no time.

Employee engagement is not a number, which can be estimated without any problem. It’s a feeling. Different elements become the most critical factor when you check engagement in your workforce.

Do employees feel happy with their work? Do they think that their manager is cooperative? Is acknowledgement given in an ideal and successive way?

Engaged employees show specific characteristics, such as being cheerful, helpful, and dependability towards the organization. Estimating such feeling-based measurement is a precarious cycle, and only a survey can help you.

Employee Pulse Survey

Employee pulse surveys are employee engagement reviews used by organizations to survey the general employee experience by gathering employee feedback. It is a speedy, convenient, and robust method for further developing employee engagement by assessing the organization’s qualities and shortcomings through the survey results.

As the name proposes, indeed a pulse survey is intended to follow the organization’s “pulse”. Very much like our pulse rate gives a fast check of human wellbeing, an employee pulse survey gauges the “wellbeing” of the organization’s culture.

Above all, a pulse survey aims to rapidly distinguish the main issues in the organization which need improvement.

Pulse surveys contain a few short, improved questions covering vast parts of employee engagement. You can likewise add a discretionary remark area to expand on their replies alongside each question.

Because of the efficient results, these pulse surveys have become very popular in organizations.

Advantages of Pulse Survey

Speedy and Easy

One significant issue with conventional surveys is that they are long and monotonous. Employee pulse surveys are short, with just 5-10 inquiries sent at a time. The actual inquiries are straightforward, which guarantees that employees think that it is an issue to a lesser degree.

That is why it gives an essentially higher interest rate than standard reviews.


Pulse survey questions are conveyed conveniently throughout a setup timeframe. It becomes simpler for employees to become accustomed to and even expect a survey. Likewise, organizations benefit by getting an occasional update of the employee experience on working environment issues.

Makes Awareness

The absence of mindfulness is perhaps the most significant test in companies. When employees feel withdrawn, it impacts their presentation and obligation to the organization.

When you neglect to uncover the characteristics of employee disappointment, there can’t be an extension for any improvement. Subsequently, turnover expands, usefulness diminishes, and the organization’s primary concern endures. Pulse Surveys can be beneficial here by turning into a method for making mindfulness.


Employees might be open and transparent concerning their issues when they realize that the survey is anonymous. Pulse reviews give them this genuinely necessary secrecy.

Like this, the survey results accumulated will mirror a more certifiable portrayal of the engagement level.

Continuous Trend Analysis

A decent employee pulse survey will assist you with estimating engagement levels by examining the qualities and shortcomings of your working environment. It enables you to see constant bits of knowledge by investigating commitment patterns over the long haul.

The review results mirror the enhancements in scores. So you get to know whether another activity plan you have executed is working or failing. Such research helps estimate employee engagement levels and different models like employee turnover.

Prompt or Instant

Pulse reviews begin showing results when the primary member presents the survey without the requirement for manual work. The instant results empower administrators to start chipping away at an appropriate activity plan to develop engagement without wasting more time.

Feedback Culture

Pulse surveys advance open correspondence channels between the workforce and the organization. Since it’s anonymous, employees are bound to be approaching and fair about their viewpoints. Consequently, it gives transparency to employee feedback that other employee engagement reviews will not provide.

HR managers understand what variables drive an excellent employee encounter and what activity intends to form. Likewise, employees feel more esteemed that their ideas are being thought about.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Pulse surveys utilize the eNPS design for estimating engagement. Moreover, employee net promoter scores are a much faster and simple way for organizations to gauge employee devotion.

The upside of eNPS is that it permits members to rate their replies on a scale (0-5 or 0-10) rather than the twofold “yes” or “no.”

Easy to use and manage

The excellence of Pulse Surveys lies in its straightforward nature. HR managers choose to make and deal with the survey in a simple to utilize interface. Likewise, there’s the additional advantage of altering the review to meet the organization’s requirements.

Both managers and employees can use it easily without any hassle.

Setting Industry Benchmarks

Surveys are an excellent method for setting an industry benchmark for organizations. It is the primary way to monitor your employee engagement levels, both precisely and equitably.

Employee pulse surveys commonly ask a normalized set of inquiries to assess employee engagement. Examining such usual feedback can offer important benchmark information across the business.

Works with Quick Action Planning

Pulse surveys are short web-based reviews that land straightforwardly on your employees’ inboxes. So, you get the outcomes instantly and rapidly to plan your activity quickly. Additionally, the survey gives pretty clear inquiries in a sorted configuration, making it much more straightforward for you to make a move.

Employee Pulse Survey Structure

Let’s see how to design a pulse survey for your organization:

 1. Characterizing the purpose

Running a continuous pulse survey can be ambiguous. Assuming you neglect to characterize the purpose behind the survey. Conceptualize the regions that you need to assess before arranging the survey.

 2. Planning the survey

It is fundamental to ask the proper survey inquiries. Keep your questions short, significant, and transparent. Try to be in “their shoes” while shaping the questions. It is prudent to keep the survey unknown to acquire legitimate reactions.

 3. Running the survey

When you design the survey, the subsequent stage is the deployment of the survey. Make an appropriate declaration through oral or worked correspondence before conveying the survey messages.

 4. Analysis of the survey

Once you are done taking surveys and the outcomes, you should analyze them thoroughly. Along with searching for common spaces of solidarity and shortcomings and coordinating the information appropriately. You can order them into personal conduct standards, psychographics, and socioeconomics.

5. Activity Plan

The actual reason for an employee engagement survey is to clarify how to progress.

Like this, the most pivotal advance of the survey is making a move. Imparting results to employees construct trust and advance genuineness and reasonableness among the workforce. Likewise, it helps the administration share and execute practical and therapeutic approaches/techniques.

 6. Tracking down the right survey tool

Each organization’s culture is different. So, the necessities, workforce, and needs are additionally assorted. In this situation, you cannot expect an employee pulse survey that fits a specific organization will suit yours too.

It becomes necessary to select a survey tool that accommodates your organization’s culture. So, choose the right survey tool to get the correct results for your organization.

Areas to evaluate

The primary target of your employee pulse surveys is to quantify the qualities and weaknesses of your organization. These are the essential eight criteria that you should use to comprehend the exact results.

 1. Correspondence/communication

Poor or absence of correspondence can be the defeat of any influential organization. Undoubtedly, communication in the organization is a criterion that you should consistently check.

Do your employees have strong horizontal and vertical correspondence? Do your employees have excellent communication with upper management? Is there an irregularity between passing on the message to your employees and paying attention to them?

So, revealing and estimating the adequacy of internal communication should be your activity plan’s essential goal.

 2. Relationship with managers

Managers ought to have the option to pass on the organization’s objectives and qualities to the employees. They can ensure that people’s objectives align with the organization’s goals.

Moreover, usually, managers assume a colossal part about causing employees to feel comprehensive, propelled, and faithful to the organization. Understanding this perspective is very critical for your employee engagement endeavours.

 3. Remuneration and benefits

With the ascent in the number of organizations and financial dependability turning into a reality, securing and maintaining the situation has changed hugely.

Organizations are currently contending to draw in the best ability and not the alternative way around. Offering appealing employee will benefits and payments has become a significant piece of the situation.

 4. Employee recognition

People want to feel esteemed and be valued. Acknowledgement at work matters significantly more. Since when your employees think perceived for their excellent work and demeanour at work, they feel aroused. It likewise straightforwardly reflects in their presentation level.

 5. Individual and professional development

Organizations disregarded how employees look for a dynamic vocation direction for quite a while. The individual and expert advancement in their present employment job is essential to keeping them connected.

 6. Independence and alignment

Apparently, empowering employees is directly connected with enhanced productivity. Not just that, work satisfaction and reliability to the organization are likewise improved.

Without a doubt, the accomplishment of your organization is straightforwardly connected with the achievement of your employees. When your employees are influential, your organization is as well. They try to have independence as they grow in the organization.

 7. Workplace

This one is an easy decision. While it may require some investment to carry out specific changes. Like structure, better rewards, and recognition programs, creating changes to the actual work should be possible without any problem.

Your employees may be confronting tiny and huge issues related to the solace or accessibility of basic conveniences in the working environment. Specific minor problems that go unattended for a more drawn-out timeframe may prompt separation.

So, these are the criteria that you should regularly check in your employee pulse surveys.

A great working environment is one where employees feel esteemed and minded. Uncovering issues of the organization helps you in making a satisfying employee encounter.

Furthermore, survey weariness is the excellent purpose for your common survey reaction. To handle these issues, directing yearly employee pulse surveys offers the best solution for gathering feedback.

The viability of pulse surveys has made various organizations set them up in their working environments. Employee pulse surveys can uphold a few workspaces and reshape the organization’s culture, making it the best strategy to quantify engagement levels.

Estimating engagement with an employee survey can be extended and exorbitant. So, whenever you want to know how your employees are doing, use employee pulse surveys for better results.  

Use QaizenX for the Employee Pulse Survey to understand your employees better.

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