9 Powerful Reasons: Why You Should Start Taking Survey

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Why take a survey?

“Customer Centricity is a culture of putting the customer at the center of everything you do.”- Brian Solis (Founder FutureWorks)

Your business is nothing without your customers. Customers are the fundamental requirement of any business. Having them is a great asset, not only because they are the source of revenue but a happy customer also helps to promote your brand to more people.

The people who bought and experienced your product/service can tell you about their experiences, whether they liked it or not, if they need any improvements, what’s missing, and what they are expecting.

Surveys are a medium through which you ask and gather valuable information from your customer. Here we discuss 9 main reasons, why Survey is important for any business and why should you start if you haven’t started yet.

1. Measuring Customer Loyalty

The difference between good businesses and great businesses is that great businesses have loyal customers. Some great brands like Coca-Cola, KFC, Apple have many truly loyal users who may use their beloved brand until death, and even tell their friends to do so.

Without a doubt, a simple way to measure customer loyalty is the Net Promoter Score – NPS survey. An index ranging from -100 to 100, that tells how likely they are going to recommend your product or service to their friends or colleague.

To know NPS you should simply ask the following question at any touchpoint to your customer,

“How likely is it that you would recommend our product/solution/service/brand to your friends/colleague/clients”

Give them options to choose from 0 to 10, “Not at all likely” to “Extremely likely”. By doing so, you’ll be able to:

  • Mark 9 to 10 as potential brand promoters and advocates.
  • Analyze why people are not pleased and ask for feedback on “How can we improve”.
  • Look for people who gave the least score, and try to solve their pain points.

To start collecting NPS data, you can easily use our NPS survey software to measure and increase your customer loyalty.

good NPS

2. Analyzing Customer Experience

Ever wondered how your customer felt after using your product or service?

Things they loved and Things they did not like about the product?

Getting answers to these questions and many more can be achieved by conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Customer Satisfaction survey or CSAT is one of the easiest and most reliable methods, containing a specific and ingenious Customer Experience questionnaire which you can readily use, and launch to your customer. Also, understanding and analyzing the insights, making adjustments, can improve your customer’s satisfaction. However, you must know the key factors which affect your customer satisfaction.

Tom Knighton, senior consultant at Conversant quoted, “Customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”

If your customer is not happy with your product, they will choose your competitor.

The following chart is research done by Visual Capitalist, on “Why do customers leave a company?” Here are their key findings.

chart why customers are leaving | QaizenX

Analyzing and acting upon CSAT you can improve your customer satisfaction to another level. However, solving customers’ pain points shows that you care for them and this helps build a good relationship between brand and customer. Along with an increase in retention rate, brand promoters there are many positives a happy customer offers, and ultimately increasing your brand revenue.

You can readily launch a CSAT survey to your customers, use our advanced Survey software Qaizenx, with many prebuilt templates, like NPS, CSAT templates. You can readily launch surveys, surveys are respondent friendly, powerful for result analysis, and action-oriented insights.

Launch your CSAT survey.

3. Finding the source of Customer Acquisition.

Managing the marketing budget in different campaigns is a tough task, it becomes much more complex when you don’t know which campaign is performing well or which aren’t.

A simple way out from this is to launch a survey to find the most significant distribution channel and you’ll be able to improve your marketing campaign’s ROI and reach as many targeted customers.

You can ask our expert if you need any help setting up a survey. We always are happy to help.

4. Identifying Customer Buying Habit

A customer’s buying habit is something which you should not ignore. Feedback on this can be leveraged in many ways.

To find out where your customer shops and which competitor stands in their way, survey your customer about their preferences of shopping, give them options such as:

  • Retail Shop
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Social Media (Which one)

Understand and analyze how they prefer and try to make their experience exceptional.

5. Understanding what Customers are looking for and what is their intent

Finding the gap residing between your prospects requirements and your product is important, even a “great” product is worthless if has no users.

Surveying your potential prospects before the product is launched, is what we call Market Research. Investigating possibilities for expanding into new markets or market segments.

To give your customers what they truly want, you need to know, understand, and think about what they think. You need to see from your customer’s eyes and to fulfil their desires.

Many giant companies across the globe are spending a lot of money discovering about the buyer market. Creative, intellectual, and unique Market Survey, can answer a lot of your questions on “What matters most to your customer”.

6. Deducing why your Prospect haven’t Bought

Prospects who started your sales process but did not complete it. They could have liked the product on social media, checking your emails on a regular basis, they may even want to buy it but it eventually got stuck in their shopping cart.

You can figure out what reason made them say no by asking the right question. Ask a specific question that will direct specific reasons for why they leave.

In addition, you can also ask your prospect about what would make them come back and buy.

7. Getting Quality Customer Feedback on Products

The customer who used your service or who already bought your product is the best person who can give valuable insights about your product or service.

Also, they help to understand the quality of the current product, where improvements can be made, what features they want to include in your next upgrade. The goal here is to give an exceptional experience to your customer using your product or service.

8. Building an Effective Business-to-Customer Communication

Surveys serve as a channel to talk to your customers. To create a strong, long-lasting relationship with your customer communication is essential. You need to communicate with your customers more often, as this not only shows your customer that you care but also you gain valuable feedback on products.

Furthermore, create a creative and engaging survey, where customers will love to share their experiences or state their pain points. Engage with them with a direct message from you or one of your employees, that will address their unique issues and desires.

9. Compare awareness of your brand with competitors

Surveys can be a great tool to analyze where you stand among your competitors, how they are handling their customers, and how you can do better than them.

By launching a survey asking prospects which brand they prefer and why you can get a deep insight into your target market.

However always remember, as Alibaba founder, Jack Ma quoted, “You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die.”

Key Takeaways: Why you should do a Survey

Apart from these stated reasons, there are many more hidden benefits, which can’t be tracked but helps in growing the brand.

Treat your customer relationship as a journey, not a result, focus on customer experience, not sales conversions, as a loyal brand advocate can get X3 more customers than your best marketing campaign.

Do your best to offer your customer the best experience they ever had and they will remember. Win their hearts, not their money. Be special, unique, original and they will promote your brand on your behalf.

Surveys are the medium, where the customer engages with a brand, share their product experience, communicate with the brand itself.

“Knowledge is having the right answers, Intelligence is asking the right question.”

Start asking questions to your customers.
Survey: Collect, Analyse, Act, Improve, and eventually scale.

Good luck with your ventures!

Take the first step. Believe me, We have made the survey process so easy that even you can do it, try it, and get amazing results.

Launch a Survey.

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