9 Most Useful Techniques to Engage New Employees

Useful Techniques to Engage New Employees | QaizenX

We all want enthusiastic, fired up, and engaged employees for our organization. For that, you need to take up small steps to engage new employees from the start itself.

Besides, it is said that the first impression is the last. Turns out that getting them started right will have a big influence on your employee retention. According to surveys and research, 1/3rd of the new employees decide whether to stay in the company for the long term or not. This is based on their experience within the 1st week of joining.

Unfortunately, most of the higher authorities do not look into this. They do not have much time and sometimes resources, to implement such programs for employee engagement.

Here are the 9 Most Useful Techniques to engage new employees in your organization.

1. Learn about their personalities:

The initial step to engage new employees is to know them better, inside out. Know about how are they finding the workplace atmosphere. Ask them questions about the induction programs, and what else can the company have done better. Take feedback as well as a warm welcome so that they feel connected to your organization.

2. Tell them about the company & culture:

As important it is to know your employees, they must also know what company/organization they are going to be a part of. Taking induction sessions so that they would get to know the company better is a way to engage new employees. Your employees would feel connected to your organization and it would be easier for them as well because the communication becomes transparent.

3. Give them growth opportunities:

Another way to engage new employees is you allow them to grow. This is to serve the purpose of them joining your company. Provide them with the tools and facilities that are needed for them to grow. This is a two-way process, for both, the company and the new employees. The growth of the employees goes hand in hand with the growth of the company if they are given access to the required tools.

4. Open and transparent communication:

Keep the numbers of your company transparent. Let your new employees know how the company is doing. Keep an open channel for communication. This will help them to know how much effort they have to put in to make the numbers go up. This is a perfect way to engage new employees so that they keep this transparent communication intact. This will be beneficial on a long-term basis.

5. Encourage teamwork among employees :

Make them realize the importance of teamwork. Working in a team would increase the communication among the employees as well as with the customers. Talk them into working in a team so that they get to know each other better. In this way, they will become more connected and attached to your company. Encouraging them and keeping positive vibes intact among them can help engage new employees in a better way.

6. Engage them in the workplace:

Employees would love it if your workplace is a place where the decisions are fair and there are no unjust practices. For this to happen you need to make them involved from the start. If they are involved from the start they would know how the workplace is and how everything works.

7. Support volunteer causes:

This can allow your employees to feel that the work that they do is not only contributing to your company but also is helping a charitable cause important to your company. This sense of purpose can lead to increased productivity and higher workplace morale.

8. Provide adequate training :

A proper training program will give everyone the equal opportunity to strengthen their skills. This will help your employees to ensure that everyone on the team can perform their job day in and out. With proper training and development sessions, your employees’ weaknesses can turn into strengths and they can excel.

9. Small gestures can go a long way :

Small gestures can make big differences for your employees. Give them flexible schedules to work upon. Working in the office environment can get hectic. The deadlines to meet, the goals of the department, the issues in the staff, the challenges faced while facing the customers, etc. can increase the stress levels.

Providing your employees with facilities like pick up and drop facilities can make them happy. Going home will be one less thing they have to worry about.

Providing them with caffeine at the brew machine can help them work if they have to work longer hours.

Appreciating them for small work they do good can also be encouraging. They will aspire for doing more good work.

These small gestures can make new employees engage easily and get mixed within real quick. These can be an endless list of points but the most effective points are covered here.

Now that you have known all the points to be considered to engage new employees, you know how to boost them up for good. Engaging new employees is the most crucial step in the company’s total performance.

Here’s what we learned:

Engaging new employees can help them to understand the business in a better way. Also, it will help them to encourage the newer employees who join the firm. They will keep in mind how they were treated and accordingly they will catch the company culture of engaging new employees.

If this continues to go from one batch of new employees to another, it will make it easier for the company to get along with the new employees. This will also help the older employees to get along with the newer employees.

Keeping this culture intact would help to engage new employees better. Since you have had a better picture of engaging employees, you can use tools for the same.

QaizenX is a tool that you need to ensure your employees are engaged.

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