7 Types of Customers: How they Purchase?

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Even with the right advertisements and huge discounts, sometimes you may not get enough customers. Thus, it is critical to understand what are the types of customers. Understanding the types of customers will help your company to serve them better. Ask this question to yourself. What is vital for a customer during their product purchase decision? Let’s look at the 7 types of customers.

Following are the types of customers before they purchase

Bargain Hunters

This type of customer is aiming to get the best possible deal. Good discounts and huge deals attract them. They expect to be treated specially; with personalized products/services as per their needs. They typically buy more than normal customers, given that the price is right. Ensure that the discounted products are clearly visible to attract more of these types of customers. However, the gains from these types of customers are less. Nevertheless, you don’t want to miss them as they are definite customers, at the right price, of course.


These customers buy. They are aware of what they want with regular purchases. The research, compare and understand the details of your product. Ensure that there is no hindrance to their path. If you do so, you can expect them regularly. Give what these customers want. They usually expect details of your product, a specification sheet about your product would help them.

Impulse Buyers

Usually, a nonloyal customer; typically buy products/services on a whim. Without much research, these customers typically buy your product only once. Thus it is essential to satisfy them to make them a regular purchaser. Time taken to purchase is very less for these types of customers. If they are provided with a convenient experience and good offers, they would be satisfied.


Also called Scouters, they are not looking for anything in particular. Whatever attracts them keeps them engaged. They are the curious bunch. They may or may not make product purchases immediately. Usually, convincing Lookers into product purchasing is difficult. Letting them have a seamless experience will increase their satisfaction.

Customers based on their frequency of purchase

New buyer

These types of customers buy the product or demand your service for the first time. By default, a one-time buyer, these customers come in contact with your brand only once. So, it’s vital to keep them satisfied. If they are dissatisfied with your product/service, then they might not make another purchase for your brand.

Seasonal buyer

As there is a demand for some products seasonally, these customers are seasonal buyers. They buy products during different periods. Either they buy products in bulk, or the products themselves are seasonal. These customers value their overall experience during their purchase.

Repeat buyer

Typically a loyal customer. They are considered the most valuable customer to your brand as they regularly purchase your products/services. The cost of losing these customers would affect your brand significantly. Thus it is essential to keep them satisfied.

These are the 7 Types of Customers. Identify which customers your advertisement and discounts are attracting and modify what suits you the best.

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