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The connection between an employee and manager is vital for a successful organization. It can be a result-giving factor for your business. This is the reason, why an employer needs to manage between employees and their manager.

What do mean by engaging managers? what good engaging managers should do? This is an important as well as deciding question.

Managers can neither be over-friendly nor over strict. Their behaviour directly impacts the overall productivity of your business. Managers have to think about the whole team at a time and make the plan of action as per everybody’s perspective. So, obviously, their job is a tricky one.

Being an employer, you need to find out an efficient and good engaging manager to handle your entire team. If you have a manager who has the quality of engaging your employees properly. Then no one can stop your business from reaching the height of success.

Expectations from an Good Engaging Manager:

An engaging manager should know all the requirements of his/her juniors to make the right plan of action. Are you a manager, who does all this for your team members? It’s what they need. On the off chance that you don’t trust us, why not ask them?

Their responsibility is to make everybody feel comfortable and part of the team.

Managers should assign clear targets to all the team members to avoid any confusion. In this way, an organization can get higher results out of them.

Also, a good engaging manager should act as a mentor for other employees. He/she should be there at any time when the employees are in need. Then only a manager and employee can work happily together. Engaging managers give normal, insightful, genuine, and useful feedback on their performances. Such honest feedbacks are helpful to the employees and organization.

Qualities of Good Engaging Managers:

Good engaging managers always make sure that the code of conduct of all the employees should be in the right way. On the wrong behaviour of employees, managers talk to them and resolve the issues. In a manner that encourages and enables a person to expand on their qualities. And can improve their behaviour towards work and the workplace.

They express gratitude toward employees for their work. Engaging managers put impressive exertion into ensuring the victories. And accomplishments of people and groups are completely recognized. Good engaging managers are the people behind a healthy and happy workplace. They keep on trying to build personal yet professional relationships with employees. They know all your employees personally. And this is the biggest strength of a good engaging manager.

They talk to employees about their vocation improvement during the yearly appraisals. And support them to accomplish their objectives. Employees’ welfare is the lookout of your engaging managers. Also, he/she should have a peculiar quality of being trustworthy. So that, your employees can trust them and can share their problems with them.

A good engaging manager is the face of a management system. They have to act like a mediator between employer and employees. And a good manager does the same.

If you are a good engaging manager, then you should have all these qualities. Or if you are looking for a good engaging manager then also you should look for a person with these qualities. Here are some tips which can help you in becoming or getting a good manager.

1. Good engaging managers should welcome their employees wholeheartedly:

If an employee is joining you then it is your responsibility to make him/her comfortable. Send a welcome pack containing a letter from you inviting them. There should be information about the company and their joining manager. Incorporate detailed information about their job, including their expected set of responsibilities. Send all the details of the team they will join, and if any strategic data they need to know.

These details help a new joinee know about the workplace. And he/she doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the first day of his/her joining. If they have all the details then they take their first step towards their new office.

2. Managers should know employees individually

If an engaging manager knows and comprehends an employee personally or individually. They will want to spur them more readily. This should be possible by setting aside a few minutes for casual conversations. You can talk to them while having lunch or between tea breaks. Office parties are a good place to build bonds. By ensuring you are in contact, they will feel involved and upheld. So, knowing your employees and building relationships with them will benefit your organization.

3. Regular communication is a must

Managers need to speak with employees and allow them to share their perspectives. And add to characterizing the business’ objectives. You could consider holding customary business update meetings with a set date, time. Brief your employees on business improvements, answer their inquiries and examine team goals. Hold customary group Q&A meetings during which employees can come. Also, converse with you about any issues or thoughts. Such conversation helps you to know about their concerns and problems. And you can find a solution for them. This process can improve the productivity of the entire team. And give benefit to the organization. It is a powerful tool in the employee engagement process.

4. Employee needs support

Good engaging managers should help employees in their jobs and manage their work. It can affect individual prosperity, responsibility, and execution. If being a good engaging manager you will take interest in their work and provide proper support to them. Then in long run, it will benefit the entire organization.

To provide support to employees, you can talk about work plans and obligations with them. You can ask them if they need any supportive tool or authority to complete their work. Then you should provide them with the required and available solution.

Also, you can give ideas to complete their target. It will make them happy and they will put more effort into their work.

5. A manager is a mentor

Good engaging managers need to assist employees with specific answers for issues they experience. So they continue to foster their particular abilities and certainty and make advancements. Make self-awareness plans for each colleague. Ensure the plans have clear connections with individual jobs and team practices. Offer employees the chance to attempt new spaces of work. And foster new abilities by this arrangement. Encourage team members about their ideas and work patterns. You can motivate them by doing that and they will feel that their ideas are worthy for the business.

6. Managers should welcome all the feedbacks

Being a manager try to welcome also respond to all feedback. By recognizing ideas or concerns. Clarifying your views, moreover including employees in creating activities to resolve issues. Converse with individual employees consistently to check their comprehension of objectives. Moreover, welcome them to bring up any issues or concerns they haven’t talked about.

React routinely also genuinely to the employee or your team member’s feedback. By making a move on issues recognized as well as sharing the means you are taking. So employees can realize their voices are audible to the management.

7. Employees’ performance should get appreciated

Being an engaging manager you should appreciate your employees’ efforts. Also, give proper feedback reports about their performance to the seniors. So that they can get due of their key performance.

If an employee is working hard then he/she can expect to get noticed and appreciated by any means. So, do your best to provide recognition to keep them for the long term. If possible, celebrate their win. This is also a way to motivate and engage them.

Check key performance indicators for employee engagement that you should know. 

8. Improve your performance

Engaging managers should work on their performance also. Your performance directly impacts your team members’ performance. Ask your colleagues for their views on your work style and adequacy. Your team members will surely give you the feedback to improve (if needed). And then you try to improve your work patterns.

Approach your seniors to have a conversation about your performance and ask for help if you need any. Your seniors can help you in improving your efficiency and performance. You can likewise use a 360-degree feedback approach. Do formal surveys to incorporate feedback from colleagues. Receiving feedback and working on them for improvement is a powerful development tool.

9. Employee engagement should be more

You are a good engaging manager for your team members. And you have done all the research about their strengths and weaknesses. Now, you should assign the task as per their calibre to use the resources fully. Avoid asking them about what they can do, or rather assign them a task and give them a chance to show their real talent. Their ownership of the organization’s project is a must. It will come only if they will have responsibilities and targets to complete.

So, assign the right work to the right people as per the performance review and get the job done perfectly.

10. Managers should be accessible easily to the team members

Team members can need you anytime, anywhere; so there should be easy access of you to them. Because your absence can affect their performance and eventually to the target deadlines. Obviously, you cannot be available all the time. But there should be proper channels available to them so that they can reach you at the time of emergency.

These are a few important and practical tips, which are must-haves in engaging managers. If a manager is successful then he/she has a team of properly engaged people. An engaging manager knows how to get work done by team members and at the same time keep all the members happy. He/she makes action plans which are real and practical.

If you know all these tricks then no one can stop you. Feedback processes and 360-degree feedback are the keys to achieving your goals. QaizenX has many solutions for the 360-degree feedback process. A good engaging manager should have these qualities to get success!

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